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    The training you need to get the MOST out of your oil investment!

    Meet the Coaches

    Welcome to Oil Camp!


    We're excited to have you here. This course is designed to help you learn at your own pace, but for now, please take a moment to get to know your coaches a little bit!


    There are several of us who partner to run these camps for you. You will receive video coaching from 7 different Oil Coaches. The coaches who will guide you through this session of Oil Camp are Becca Guerra, Dee Hendrix, Marie Jackson, Braindy Letts, Julie Ramirez, Diane Sanders, and Jill Wright.


    Oil Camp was designed to do over a 10 day period. Each day you'll learn about a different oil so you can work at your own pace. It includes a short video to watch, some links and some other information about the "Oil of the Day". By the end of two weeks, you'll have the basics on ALL of the oils that come in DoTERRA's basic starter kits and TONS of ideas on how to use them well.


    Watch the video below to meet your Oil Camp Coaches:

    Looking forward to meeting you!

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