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Day 7 Oil Camp

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) & Oregano

Tea Tree (Melaleuca)

Are you keeping up with the daily challenges?? Getting used to using oils in your everyday life??

Stick with us because today we are going to talk about Tea Tree oil. When we teach essential oil classes to “newbies”, if people have ever tried an essential oil in the past this is it. And for good reason! Tea Tree, also known as Melaleuca oil, is an absolute STAPLE in our home.

And listen, I know you’re hearing those kinds of statements about ALL of our oils during this camp, but can I let you in on a little secret?? There’s a reason for that. We’re specifically teaching you about the TOP 10 OILS every family should have. Every one of these oils is being referenced as a staple because it IS a staple! If you have these basic oils on hand, and you know how to USE them, you’ll be able to manage the majority of family health concerns that come your way.

Now, back to Tea Tree oil. While we hear from people often that they’ve tried Tea Tree oil, do you know what else we hear? “I had NO IDEA I could use it for so many things!”

See what I mean?? STAPLE. ;)

Watch the video below, then tell us how YOU love to use Tea Tree oil!

P.S. If you want even more info on Tea Tree, check out the Product Spotlight from dōTERRA’s Blog!

Owie Spray

Ready for your melaleuca DIY? Once you start using this, you’ll keep one in your purse, and in your diaper bag. And in your kids’ soccer bag. And in your kitchen. And your bathrooms. Really, one on every level of your home is ideal. And maybe one in the garage, too. ;) Your little ones will request it by name!

Watch the video, then tell us about a time you WISH you had some Owie Spray!


Now let’s talk oregano essential oil. Oregano is an oil I always keep “in stock” at my house. When you need it, you NEED it!

Cooking with essential oils

Did you know you can cook with your essential oils?? They are very potent and add such delicious flavor! Today we will walk you through a few recipes and give you some “essential” tips about cooking with oils.

More recipes...

Here’s another recipe just for fun! dōTERRA’s blog is full of these!

Daily Challenge Time!

Today your challenge is to make your own Owie Spray! Don’t worry if you don’t have a spray bottle, you can put this concoction in a little glass dish, a tupperware container, or whatever you’d like! Just make sure you have it on hand because chances are good you’ll need it.

Bonus Challenge: Rub a drop of oregano (diluted) on the bottom of your feet for powerful antioxidant benefits!

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