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Day 6 Oil Camp

DigestZen & Extra-Milers

Before we talk oils today, lets learn about diffusers...

How is everyone’s wellness routine going? Are there any oils you’re starting to use every day??

Now, before we jump in to today’s oil, let’s talk diffusers for a minute. The question, “Which diffuser is right for me?” inevitably comes up as people begin using oils. It’s a great question! Having the right diffuser for your room space can make all the difference in the aroma, but also the benefits that you receive. Check out this diffuser comparison chart…among other features, it lists the square footage each diffuser will cover. Very helpful! Many people have just one diffuser when they start, but after becoming a regular oil user, you will probably find you start accumulating one for every room of your house. Am I right coaches? How many diffusers do you have in your home now?!?!


I don’t know about you, but weekends for me often include restaurant meals with friends and family. Which may or may not lead to overeating. Possible indigestion. Bloating. You know…all the things. DigestZen helps with this and so much more!

Now, to be clear, I’m not recommending overeating as a regular practice followed by a magic oil to counteract the negative effects. ☺ I’m just saying, if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation for ANY reason, you’ll be glad to have these products in your corner.

Watch this video, then tell us about a time you WISH you would have had DigestZen!

(This is Day 6 of camp….we’re all friends now, right?!?!)

Making your own first aid kit...

This DIY has been a favorite among many of our past campers. It’s SO simple and so practical! We’re going to show you how to make something EVERY oil user should have. Occasional tummy troubles are NOT something you want to be unprepared for. Trust me. ;)

Your challenge today is simply to tell us what items YOU will put in your First Aid Kit! We don't expect that you have all the supplies to make it TODAY, but we want to hear your plan! What items will you include, and when will you make it? Are there concerns you’re thinking of but you’re not sure which oil will address them? Ask!

BONUS: If you make a First Aid Kit by the end of Oil Camp you'll get 20 bonus points!!

Ready for your EXTRA-MILER challenges?? You’ll recall we talked about these in the Day 1 Orientation video.

We are going to give you all 4 options now, and you can choose when and how many you want to complete. Remember, each EXTRA-MILER challenge gives you 20 bonus points! You can complete each challenge ONE TIME. (So if you make two DIY projects of your own, only one counts for points.)

Your options are posted below. So let us know which MILER you're doing. Have fun with this!

Extra Miler #1 DIY Project

Challenge Option #1: Find a DIY recipe of your own and make it (could be food, dryer balls, spa products, whatever you want!) Email me a picture of your completed item and the link to the recipe!

Extra Miler #2 - Dr. Hill

Challenge Option #2: Watch this valuable discussion (24 minutes) with Dr. Hill that dives deeper into essential oil usage and safety. Then post some interesting tidbits you learned!

Extra Miler #3 - Science Blog

Challenge Option #3: Check out dōTERRA’s Science Blog! Pick 2 articles that interest you and share a few things you enjoyed! (If you're more of a science nerd than a DIY-er, this one is for you!) ;)

Extra Miler #4 - Oil Education

Challenge Option #4: Head to dōTERRA’s website and select 3 additional oils to learn about. Read the info and/or watch the video and share some usage ideas with us! (Note: to locate the video, select the oil you want to learn about. Scroll down to the section labeled “More Info” and you’ll notice the “Video” hyperlink. Click that and you’ll be taken to dōTERRA’s YouTube channel to learn about that oil! This is a growing library, so there are some oils that do not yet have a video.)

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